The Ukraine

So with Putin running around the Crimea, without world wide opposition, is being accepted as the norm by everyone?  For forty-four years we stood on the opposing side of the iron curtain, preparing, waiting in anticipation for when the Russian Bear would awaken from its hibernation and launch its assault against the democratic world.  We waited, and we waited, for nothing.  The Bear slept and slept, past the end of the cold war, past the break up of the Soviet Union and into the modern day, democratic world.  We wrote and agreed on treaties, agreements & pacts ensuring that the world wouldn’t slip into another conflict, nor allow another tyrant, or global issue, rule us once more.


In 1918 we forced a nation to sign a treaty that prohibited the creation of a war machine that would bring war to the world again.  In 1936 we watched a man defy that treaty, and again in 1938 we sat and did nothing whilst they marched around the world using military diplomacy to dictate who owned what.  Seven years later saw the end to a war that forever changed the world and we all agreed to never allow that to happen again.


In 1991 & 2001 we entered into two wars, within nations that we weren’t welcomed in, and that we had no right entering, all in the name of a “War on Terrorism”.  The world spent billions fighting the war on terrorism and, in the end, the only real, honest gain to that conflict, was a false diplomacy being created within a country that existed perfectly fine without us, and a single high class terror leader dead.


Now the Ukrainians sit in a country, surrounded by Russian bullies, whilst we discuss having meetings and planning said meetings, with no action present.  Our diplomatic allies, the Ukraine, are asking for the worlds help, whilst a bully pushes them around, a bully we spent billions preparing to fight a war we never fired a shot in.  The Russians, like the Germans in 1936 & 1938 claim that “Citizens” are under threat and want to be part of Russia.  17% of the entire population of the Ukraine is Russian, where as 77% of the Ukraine composes of native Ukrainians, not Russians.


Is the western world prepared to use the threat of sanctions, against an aggressor that has no inclination, nor bother, to heed such threats?  Is the western world prepared to allow that bully to push his way into the Crimea? IS the western world prepared to relive 1936, 1937 and 1938 before we actually do something, AGAIN?  I think its high time that the western world actually entered a conflict, militarily, that it has trained for and equipped itself for for forty-four years.


Don’t let Putin become the modern Adolf Hitler, do something before its too late.


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