Humanity: Part 2

We often, in todays society, rush to complain about things or complete with one another.  We don’t take the time to look at the person who has failed to perform, the item that isn’t in stock, the bus that’s late.  We don’t stop and look at the situation, we don’t care for such things because its easier to moan and complain.  We often find targeting people around us, people we know and some we don’t, makes us feel much better about the situation.  This isn’t new, conflict between humans over petty things is something that will never change.  Rarely does the day go by that someone doesn’t eyeball another, with contempt or scorn, that cannot be matched and for reasons so simple or subtle.  What someone’s wearing can often offend someone, it can even cause the death of someone, Goth’s, Chav’s & Nerd’s have been beaten and/or killed because of clothing.  Why?  Lack of humanity, lack of compassion & lack of understanding and there is a reason for this, which I will touch on later.  We prefer to moan and whine when something isn’t completed, but avoid doing the task ourselves, just so we can get our word in.  We don’t look at why the original task wasn’t completed, or what has happened to stop the task.  Even when we take ownership and complete the task, we make a fuss over how hard the task was and how we need thanking and congratulating.  Long gone are the days when people just did the right thing and completed tasks without question nor praise. 

Sometimes we take advantage of the simplistic availability of daily luxuries of life, ignoring the basic kick of human instinct.  We idly contact each other over Facebook, text message or Snapchat with an instinct like nature.  No more is letter writing practiced, we don’t spend long hours waiting to make a phone call to someone sat at home, we just do it briefly.  We are bred, especially within todays society, to ignore those intimate and natural feelings of humanity towards one another, instead relating more to instantaneous actions, distance and space.  Sometimes, like a brief but bright spark, we connect on a human level and join together within a group.  Be it in protest against a governmental action, or because we airsoft together, those moments are too far between.  We’ll make promises on websites, forums or via other modern forms of electronic communication, that it won’t be too long until the next time.  Yet months later, after connecting in a human level, we make the same promises again.  We use modern technology as our excuse, as our “Get out of jail free card”, because we don’t understand how to say no.  When I, and often I will admit, cannot make something that is a social event, I just say no.  I am treated like a criminal at least fifty percent of the time, like I have massively offended someone with my answer.  Granted I can see that is could be disappointment, it could be frustration, or it just be the simple fact that people have forgotten what a no sounds like.  People use technology to create excuses, knowing full well that no one can physically see where they are.  “Oh I cannot make the football because my cat is dying.” (Cat survives; but you got an early night).  “Sorry, but I need to get home as I have a leak in my bathroom.” (Sorry, I need to get home because I can’t be arsed and I want a bath).  Now, before you all start verbally berating me, I understand that sometimes an excuse is a softer approach than a no, but that’s lame.  If your friends are truly friends they will just turn around on go “Okay, maybe next time dude.” instead of making you feel like you’ve just killed someone’s hamster.

With that said, there is a reasoning behind why we react like this, and its foundation lies within greed.  We desire and seek out expensive technology and then use it to create that distance.  We obviously have those friends that we always hang around, but how many people hang around in groups of ten, twenty or even thirty anymore?  Granted students may, but that’s the nature of being a student.  We have no argument within that area, we stay within our cliques, our “Special Groups” and do whatever we can to get through the lack of humanity.  Its the groups, cliques & special friends that ostracise the rest of humanity around you.  Now science, science is awesome, the advances are coming thick and fast, helping humanity do things that we should be striving for.  The side effect: We lose our humanity in the process.  We don’t only seek out the move away from everyone around us, we see out more and more expensive lifestyles in the process.  We spend money on items that have a huge chunk added to the price tag, just to satisfy a fat cat sat at a table in some boardroom somewhere.  We work hard to pay for a life that distances ourselves from one another, and I pity that, I really do.

Stroking the cheek of a loved one or holding the hand of someone dear is something you cannot buy.  You can pay a man/woman to pretend to be your girlfriend/boyfriend and hold their hand, but there isn’t an emotional attachment.  Looking into the eyes of someone you love and seeing the satisfaction of them seeing you, that’s something you cannot buy or pay for.  Technology cannot replace humanity, people can try and create a world where it can, but honestly it cannot.  Love, compassion, understanding, care are all required for us to continue making mankind and carry ourselves forward.  Without those things we become fragile, angry, distant, unattached.  When a woman can murder an animal, when a man can murder his children, when a child can kill another child, we need to look at where and why this is happening.  Detachment.  We are slowly becoming detached from our humanity by the march of technology.  We sit around each other, face buried into our phones, looking at the world through a glass screen.  Downloading music, images, ideas instead of going to see them physically or find them ourselves.  We lead short lives in the big picture, spend them with someone, doing something, going to see, looking up! 

I have a deep love for the Cyberpunk genre and I always have, partially because of the cool technology, but mostly because its mankind fighting against the machine.  The machine of the corporations, the wheels of capitalism, the unhindered march of technology and its slow destruction of what makes us all human.  Luckily we will eventually get to the point where we destroy ourselves in order to defeat the machines that promote corruption.  Now as you can probably tell I am saying this via an internet blog, instead of a soap box on a high street or town square.  Your correct, maybe I am as bad as the people I am talking about, but the difference is I am making changes to my life.  I am no longer wasting time within cliques, I am not attempting to grab more technology to create a better “Life” for myself, I am going to see things with my own eyes and hear things with my own ears.  Also I am pigeon holed by the technology with my approach on the subject.  If I did stand on a box in Market Street, saying the above to a crown of people, I’d be filmed and then placed on YouTube under the title “silly man on market street” with the sniggers and heckling for all to hear.  No one, of course, would stand up to me in the crowd, that would be against what they have been indoctrinated to believe.  So I display my thoughts here, where those people who can manage to find their way here can read it, people who have the intelligence to have an intellectual discussion.  Maybe I’m wrong…

However, unless things change, I fear for myself and eventually my children.  I weep for my future, and that of mankind, for we don’t stop feeling sorry for ourselves, stop making excuses and start changing the world we exist in, our future will lead to nought.


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