Shares, likes and opinions

As everyone here knows, especially those who know me on Facebook, I love to like and share things I see. I believe in sharing things that deserve to be shown to the world, like videos of cute dogs, or funny pictures & meme’s. I like anything I agree with, or anything that I appreciate so that the person knows to keep sharing, talking or to carry on with whatever they are doing. Sometimes I rant, but I have moved that from there to here, because I know that if I rant too much of Facebook I offend people. I am not in the art of offending people anymore, I used to enjoy offending people who I personally thought differently to what I thought. However I see things from a different angle that I used too, I see things like someone who knows that they have an emotional impact on the world around them. I will stand my ground, I will stand by my opinion and if someone lays an opposing argument I will listen, reply and carry on the discussion. These days when someone throws their dummy out of their pram, I just walk off and disengage from the discussion at hand.

However I have come to see a trend recently, and it appears to be worming it’s way into each type of “-ism” that exists, especially Atheism. Now I have said within recent years that I am an Atheist, believing in an absence of God’s and feeling welcomed into the arms of the Atheist community. However since early last year I have had a crisis of faith, looking into differing religions, seeing if something ticked my boxes. I looked into a handful of religions and almost managed to work my way into one, but again the Atheists dragged me back with their logical arguments and scientific based groups. Now though, especially the last few months, it seems to have been more actively aggressive. Religions are known to be closed minded affairs, where people don’t look outside of their little box and are entirely uninformed of how the world really works, right? This is what Atheist’s tell me constantly on the Facebook groups, shared links and opinions shoved down my throat, by fellow Atheists.

Now considering you get bad members of each group, Christian, Muslim, Buddist, Atheist etc etc etc, surely each individual should be judged on individual merit? So far, out of all my Christian friends on Facebook and Twitter, none of them have said to me “OMG, YOU NON-CHRISTIAN ASSHOLE!”. This week I’ve had at least four links shared, pointing out how closed minded, idiotic and stupid Christians/Muslims are on my Facebook wall. Weird, I’ve not had any Christians/Muslims tell me how stupid Atheists are. Now I’m not saying there aren’t people out there that will argue till they are blue in the face against anyone and anything, but those INDIVIDUAL’S are ass holes giving everyone a bad name. Like within any group, no-one likes a gob-shite and there is always one who deems it necessary to sprout his opinion about how bad it is to be Gay/Lesbian/Black/Yellow/Alien/Testicular etc.

My point is, if you are a true Atheist, don’t be one of those ass holes that points out how bad other religions are, makes you as bad as those within religion that do it about people who don’t fall within the strict symbol of their own religious groups. I was brought up a Catholic and after seeing where my own church was founded, I am slowly being drawn back into the religion itself. I believe in Science, I believe in evolution, that doesn’t make me an idiot or contradictory, it just means I am a liberal catholic who looks outside the box and doesn’t stand within it. I have no problem with same sex marriages, and I won’t “Pray” for god to save someone who needs medical attention. This doesn’t mean that I need to be branded with the same brush as those extremist Christians who are so verbally offensive.

I guess its like me branding offensive Atheists in the same category as Communists. At the end of the day they are offensive to those who don’t share the same beliefs, all argue for the same cause without learning about what they are arguing again and drive everyone to either change or be berated.

Don’t be a dick, be an individual and learn about what or who your targeting with your offensive nature. At first your cute and unique, but later you turn into an opinionated, closed minded sheep.


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