Writing, life and religion

So my writing hasn’t really been occurring as often as I’d have really liked during the past week. That’s not to say I haven’t written anything at all, it’s just nothing I can really share. Plots, character developments and writing more detail around the areas in my book. I keep getting tempted by writing some shorts, but whenever I put pen to paper/fingers to keyboard I find myself drifting back into “Book” mode. I keep wanting to develop my plot or write more about Alex (the name has changed twice already), but the ideas keep coming. Obviously Alex can’t be the leader of a Rebellion, a fighter pilot and a master tactician. I might as just well call him Luke Skywalker and have done with it. I think I’ll write some shorts during my days off, especially for my upcoming (hopeful) appearances at the Manchester Speculative Fiction events. So to sum up my writing this far: around 6k words on plot and another 2k on character development, which to me is not much, but there’s plenty of scribblings and changes I’ve made in that time as well. I’ll power through and I imagine that when I start writing my book proper, the spices will flow!

On a more personal level, my crisis has ended. After talking with some close friends, I am decided. I think that stepping back into the church after all this time is the right thing to do for me. I have out reading “Reamde” on hold and I am currently reading “Confessions” by Saint Augustine. I see myself in him, obviously I don’t have the life long learning he had, but I have followed roughly the same path he has at a similar age. I just feel at ease when I read about Catholicism and I feel at ease when I am in Gods house. I know that the backlash here will probably be severe, friends will mock me or attempt to dislodge my choices, but I guess that’s why we’re tested. If we get through these times then we become stronger. I am sure my real friends will support me and help me, that will be the test.

Either way my knowledge of my own religion has increased the last few weeks through reading and conversations. I am not following my faith blindly, I am doing whatever it takes to educate myself, questioning and learning as I go. Blind faith is an uneducated method of following something and, although many do it, I am not willing too. Still I await the backlash, fingers crossed I can survive it and keep many of my friends intact. I’m not going to change, I am not going to try and convert my friends. Their choice is their choice, but I treat people as I expect to be treated. Will it work? Who knows, let’s just hope it does.

Work is tough at the moment, many issues and hurdles to overcome, but the team continues to power through and get it done. I am lucky to have such a great team and I hope that when I move on it keeps on going. Still I have been stressed recently, but it’s nothing to worry about, stress is part of my every day life now. I am as accustomed to it as breathing, when I am not stressed with something, work or real life, it is a rare and outstanding day indeed.

I hope everyone has a great April and I hope you good health. I will be putting a short up soon so, watch this space!


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