Books, plates and stamps

As I usually do I buy books, adding them to my backlog in the hope that I win the lottery, one day, and have time to read them all. I finally managed to get hold of a physical copy of “Achtung Panzer” which is a book I’ve wanted to read for years. I’ve read “Panzer Leader”, which in itself proves that a man can be a soldier, but still not believe the ideology he fights for. A good soldier follows orders, a bad soldier doesn’t, but a great soldier walks the line, like Guderian. I also bought “Chavs: The demonization of the working class” by Owen Jones. Jones often brings up outstanding points during his debates, and I look forward to reading his thoughts on the working classes.

Books, to me personally, are small pieces of history. When a book is printed, it may come in a batch of a thousand, hundred thousand or more, but each book is absolutely unique. If you cut down a tree that tree, like a person, has lived it’s own life and has it’s own history. Each ring on its trunk is unique and original, it cannot be carbon copied. Recycled paper is the same, but it is mixed up with other trees, making that book even more unique. With the advent of the Kindle, iBooks on iDevices and other electronic reading mediums, I still purchase and buy physical books. To me the historical presence of my library will be worth more to me in twenty, thirty years time, than a kindle ever will be. I often fear that if I ever do become published, it’ll be electronically instead of physically and that would make me so, so sad. Granted I wouldn’t mind having an electronic copy available to those who want it, but I walk around a book shop for a reason. I actually feel sorry for people who work at Waterstones. In the four Waterstones I’ve been in throughout the last year, the Kindle section faces the till. It’s like sitting on a job based death row, staring at your executioner. Let’s hope the book reading, digital revolution takes another thirty/forty years to complete.

Due to my extensive library, granted it’s not enough to fill a large room, but it is extensive, I have been looking at bookplates. Bookplates are a paper marking that you stick on the inside cover, or page if you wish, of your book that has your name on it. Sort of like a library mark, but so that everyone knows who it belongs too. Wow, I didn’t realise it was that hard to find them, I guess it’s this Kindle revolution thing going on. So instead I have been looking at stamps, and managed to find a shop on Etsy that does personalised “Ex Libris” (From the Library) stamps. I’ve ordered one and it will personify my library perfectly. Sadly it has to come from the USA, so it may take sometime to arrive, but when it does, it will be worth it (I will post pictures here).

I’ve realised over the past week that my descriptive writing isn’t as great as it used to be when I was younger, but I think that stems from my lack of confidence in my abilities. So sometime within the next month I will be enrolling on a writing course with The Writing Bureau. I think it will let me explore my abilities, I know I can write, I just need to unlock my minds potential. I’m no Tolkien, Abnett or Dick, but I am better than most one book a month Science Fiction writers out there.

I have started writing my short, and I got into my flow, but I stopped, took a step back and planned it out across a three act method. When I dive back into it I will share it on here on completion.

Take care everyone.


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