Religion in Politics, rant & Writing Update

Owen Jones reaction to David Cameron’s statement about how religion has a role on moral ethics was perfect.  I’ve only ever glanced in the direction of Owen Jones in passing, never really paying attention to what he has had to say, but recently, especially with him taking a huge step against Cameron, he has stepped more into the spotlight of the political scene.  I have his book “Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class” sat next to me, waiting to be read behind “Confessions” and “The Return of the Prodigal Son”.  Jones points out that Religion and the State need to be kept separate, and I whole heartedly agree, when you mix politics and religion together in a pot nothing but negativity comes from it.  Cameron though, sadly, is correct and religion can lead to be a positive role-model for people.  Surely though, I hear you cry, those morals can be given without religion.  Yes, yes they can, but its just something you have to indoctrinate your children from a young age, something which religion can step in and do so much easier for you.  Yet Cameron is stating that a country, which is multi-diverse with its religious state than it ever has, can be a “Christian” nation where morals are given to our younger generations.

Now the issue with this is, he is using religion as a tool, not as a moral guide.  If he, himself, had used the religion he so fully believes in, the bedroom tax wouldn’t have come into effect.  So we can also scrap the reduction in benefits, the spreading of wealth amongst those who need it most and the support network improved for the poorest of people within the United Kingdom.  Yet Cameron has done the opposite and has used the religious card as another political, long term tool, to attempt to gain votes that he has lost.  Targeting the very
moral tool that so many good children have been brought up on in this country, Anglican or Catholic, Christians are in it all together.  Christianity embodies the very essence of being in something together, completely, in fact most religions do also follow this very moral code.  An example of this the rich sitting next to the poor within church, not in a separate VIP section, not in a better furnished section, but the exact same section as someone who comes from a poorer background than themselves.  A good religious person, who follows a moral code or book to which their own, independent religion publishes, knows that within that book are some basic rules.  Treat people as you expect to be treated, humanity is first and foremost, don’t kill, don’t cause suffering. 

Sadly David Cameron hasn’t done any of the above, so considering that he has released a statement saying we all need to be more “Christian” about our lives, your the furthest from that David.  You treat people like they are the lowest of the low, forcing people to go to food banks, Christian run food banks, that you criticise with one hand and yet claim we all need to be more Christian with the other.  Humanity comes after profit, considering that is what the definition of Austerity really is, the reduction of budgets (the benefits being the hardest his) or increasing of taxes, neither of which affect you or your constituents.  Your forced policy on change within the benefit and welfare system has caused more deaths than you care to admit, especially the farcical ATOS episode, which I am sure you will put down as a “Mistake that we will all learn from”.  And finally suffering, how many people have suffered under the Conservative government David?  Too many, and yet the minority are protected thanks to your constituents being within that minority.  You are, possibly, the worst Christian that we can look for as an example of Christian living.

I am, as my followers know, coming back to my Catholic roots and it feels good.  Its nice to know that I have people can I be myself around and not feel as if I need to change who I am.  I am walking my own journey through life and its a tough road, I am suffering from stress caused by my life catching up with me and, through my own fault, myself not taking control.  I do, however, follow the Christian principles laid out by the Bible and what is read to me at church.  I don’t follow my faith blindly, I ask questions, I question my faith on a regular basis and I converse with people far more knowledgeable than myself regarding issues of faith.  I am embracing Theological discussions with people who are open minded, not from the Neo-Atheist department of thinking, as if I wanted an open mind to be berated by a close minded fool, I would join a Facebook group that told me what to think regarding religion (such as a Neo-Atheist group). 

The ironic thing about Neo-Atheism is this; They claim that religious people are closed minded fools who are told what to believe, yet happily share facts and are spoon-fed by the admins of these groups, information that is often false.  Catholics don’t let people die and pray for healing, they go to a Doctor, or hospital.  Afterwards they thank the Doctor and hospital for the help provided, and they then thank God.  In that order, not the order of “God, hospital, Doctor”, in fact I know that most religions if they believe God has actually had a hand with the healing process, it is through said Doctors.  There are extreme off-shoots of Christianity where small groups of individuals, bastardise and change the Bible so they can get what they want;  these people are called extremists.  Extremists change the words, processes and the very systems of belief to suit their own goals.  Extremist Christians will let their children die because they believe God will save their child.  Just like an atheist junkie will leave their child to die of starvation.  Extremist Muslims will use Jihad as a reason to kill lots of people.  Just like an atheist teenager in America will go on a killing spree because he is mocked for how he looks or his sexuality.  Extremism isn’t what the MAJORITY of us believe in, which is contra to what your Neo-Atheist groups will force you to believe.

However, attempting to converse with a Neo-Atheist is like trying to find the Higgs-Boson particle, you get close to proving a point and they will deflect the argument and disappear into a whole different point because they hate being in a corner they cannot get out of.  Yet a normal, sensible, honest Atheist will just smile and carry on.  Why?  A true Atheist will allow you to believe what you want to believe, they will allow you to worship what you want to worship.  Like I allow an Atheist to believe in a lack of God without berating them on the subject, why should I?  It’s their chosen belief, why should I try to change them?  If they want to converse in an intelligent manner regarding deities, then by all means I will participate.  Neo-Atheists are as bad as street preachers, they are as bad as people who ram religion down peoples necks, because they don’t just preach it, they enjoy the degradation and the mocking that comes with Neo-Atheism.  Maybe the mature thing for me to do is to just ignore it and carry on, which I do nine times out of ten.  What grinds my gears is when people act so righteous about Atheism, like it is an actual religion.  If Atheism was a religion it would be the Anarchy of religion, because what do you worship?  Who is in charge?  If Atheists want to be Atheists then surely it is just a lifestyle rather than an aggressive belief system.

So I managed to write nearly five thousand words during my seven hours writing spree the other day, which was an accomplishment, however I don’t know if its good or not.  Luckily I have managed to get involved with a very support group of writers on Goodread’s that are helping me write.  Finding my muse is difficult, especially when I rarely get time alone and without interruption.  Several times I have been tempted to just give up on writing completely, but I honestly believe I have something to give and I have no given up thus far.  Due to my line of work I cannot turn my phone off, or mute it, as I am required to be in contact with people a lot of the time.  I have a feeling though that across the next few months, I hope, that things will get easier before they get harder.  If I continue to struggle across these months to write, I will probably just give up.  Its a huge emotional and stressful struggle attempting to do something that you really want to do and not getting anywhere with it.  I did expect to get a huge amount of support from family and friends, but so far I have only been given serious support from people I didn’t know six months ago, people I’ve never met and people who have no impact on my daily life.  I guess it can be too much to ask for sometimes, sitting in solitude when your in a full time relationship isn’t something that both parties will want to partake in.  Asking for a few hours silence when sat alone in a room, whilst sitting within a fully functional house may be a bridge too far.  However I cannot afford to pay £5/£10/£15 a day to write in utter silence in a coffee shop in central Manchester.  I guess I just attract the noise level, however I am open to anyone who wants to part-rent a small office space within central Manchester 🙂  I guess I will just have to see how it goes, however I may need to organise my time better than I already do, its frustrating but very little is me alone (this week has been, but with it being the holiest week on the Catholic calendar….).  I am just constantly feeling demoralised, if its not one thing, its another and being the age I am at, and the direction I want to go in, I can only take so much.

On a side note, I have been asked to join my local parish choir, which is in dire need of male members.  Obviously I said yes, so I now go up on high and blare out my voice for all to hear.  Its not pretty, but at least I am helping them out.  Anyhow I have ranted enough, I hope you all have a great Easter weekend

Take care.


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