My Old Man in ’82

My Old Man in ’82

My old man went down south, during ’82 when the conflict broke out, those Argentines had tried a coup, but failed thanks to those marines few, word got out and things moved about, so our boys set sail into the South Atlantic gale.

With friends he went, few and many, my old man Ron he had plenty, their fire was up and all were ready to teach those against them that few could beat many.

At San Carlos was where he went, his first time ashore, the Argies came and went, Brits lost lives, but stalwart they stood and began to stand, and fight.

My old man went to Buff Cove, to set up coms for all those aboard, that brave ship Sir Galahad, he saw the burns and the fright, that those boys brought ashore that morn, it would wake him nightly from then on.

The flight on June fifth he was meant to take, his ear was buggered so his boss told him “Take a break!”, “There’s nothing to fear, no Argies here.”, so Ron sat back and wished fair well, this was the beginning of this own personal hell.

The flight was short, Pleasent it was but a mountain at that, as they approached the peak, thats when things turned a little bleak, four boys lost, blue on blue, there was nothing anyone could do.

My old man blamed himself, “Should have been me…” often he’d say, “Don’t be stupid Dad, no one knew.” I’d say.

Now I am older, wiser for my years, I appreciate what he said, for losing four friends must have been dread, especially Mike, was what he always said.

My old mans gone, a war he couldn’t win, not for trying, it was the british in him, army trained and fought till the end, his odds were few but those dice he threw.

Mike and my old man are up above, together forever hell behind them, Mike turns and says “Don’t blame yourself Ron, no one knew what was to come. Look down on earth, you married and gave birth, a beautiful wife and two kids, aren’t you happy it came to this? If it was you instead of me, none of this you would see.”

So here’s to those who gave their lives for you, soldiers, friends and civilians too, hats off to Mike, where are Mount Pleasent you lost your life, you gave me a Dad and granted me my life, here’s to heroes lost, lonely kids and wives we never forget your sacrifice, for those you gave lives.

Leonard Smith
Son of Ronald Smith


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