Air Red (Poem)

I wanted to touch on the opposite side of the Falklands War, the Argentines. Granted they started the whole thing, but I feel that often human nature isn’t human at all, but more animalistic. Many people who went down south fought tooth and nail for the bloke next to him, not for the flag, or pride, but for the right of a human to make a decision. Most times the Argentines flew them missions knowing it would be a one way job, and that takes balls of steel. Sadly they aren‘t remembered like our boys are, our boys have a network of grateful individuals, friends, colleges and brothers in arms that remember them. So remember in war, no one wins, especially those who have no one to remember them.
Air Red

They came from the sea those bastards in blue, they wanted to sink us just like Pompeii, to the bottom of Bomb Alley at San Carlos Bay.

They flew like the clappers no fear in their eyes, and as it appeared the devil on their side, low and fast hard as nails, those Argies could fly and it looked like we’d fail.

The Navy stood fast and our Flyboys could kill, but young boys were dying, the sea was stained red and history wouldn’t forget them, how oft we do to those Argies wearing blue.

Outnumberd outgunned they flew and flew, against the RAF and Navy too, they had no choice nor any fear, they dropped their bombs and would disappear.

Our Forces did suffer but fought till the end, “Six better fuses and we would have lost” was said, but war has no winner when young boys die, especially those Argies, boy could they fly.


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