Opinions that don’t matter

So as many of you know, but some don’t, my father served with a large group of heroes to go down south in 1982 and liberate the Falkland Isles from an invading force of Argentines.  We went to an island eight thousand miles south of us, that was inhabited by nationals of the United Kingdom and liberated them against foreign invasion.  It was something that no one in the world at that time thought we could accomplish, especially considering the cuts and pressure from the Soviet Bloc during the cold war.  Outnumbered, outgunned and logistically stretched the British Navy, Air Force and Army managed to wrest control of the Island’s from a nation whose ports and airfields where a stones throw away.  It was a miracle forged through blood, sweat and tears.  It changed how the world worked in a political sense, people didn’t want to mess with a nation that would do such a thing and it also proved that the United Kingdom would, and still will to this day, protect its sovereign territory.  Hundreds died and thousands still bare the scar’s of war to this day, some physical, some mental and some both.  I was lucky to have my father back after the conflict, many wives, sons, daughters and families didn’t see their son’s return home.  It was a short, brutal war that united a people under one flag.

Enter an eleven year old boy, who has hopes of becoming a football star one day.  I have no idea who his father was, but judging by his comments regarding Sir Alex Ferguson about being a father figure, he obviously didn’t have a father like I had.  Stan Collymore has opened his hole once again and started talking about issues he has no connection too or full understanding of.  So I have here to give Stan Collymore a brief history lesson of the Falkland Isle’s so rather than offend the group of people who had suffered because of the conflict, he can educate himself and learn that his scything statements mean nothing, just like his punting.

The Falkland Islands was first, according to written record, founded by a English Captain named John Strong.  Upon finding said UNINHABITED (This means no one lived their Stan) island he left it.  So firstly, de facto, the island was founded by the British in 1690, however the French, ever to annoy us, decided to settle it in 1764 and it changed hands, a lot, until finally, we settled it proper and it became a colony of the United Kingdom in 1840.  Not a single, solitary, individual Argentine set foot, as an attempted native inhabitant (against Crown will), until 1982.  Yes Argentine fishermen often frequented the ports of the Falklands, but it has, since 1840 (Which, just in case your maths isn’t up to fact; One Hundred and seventy four [174]) been a British Colony.  Recently, in order to prove that its inhabitants wanted to be British, the Falklands had a referendum poll where out of a total of 1,650 people, 1,513 voted to REMAIN British, 3 voted to NOT BE British and the rest didn’t vote.  That’s a 99.8% to remain as part of the Commonwealth, and if that isn’t your smoking gun I have no idea what is.

Now, before I digress into the history of a disputed part of land eight thousand miles away, I need to point something out.  When you played for England, you did nothing, lets be honest.  You failed to not only score, but at most you played 270 minutes of unimpressive football, pretty much sums up your entire career within the footballing realm.  Every single person that sailed to the South Atlantic to fight against the Argentines, to protect the civilians that had chosen to make a life their from an aggressor that has an appalling civil human rights record, worked (at least) for a total of 116,496 minutes.  That means, in comparison, that each soldier played a total of 431 games for England and did a damn sight more than you ever could.  Your 428 caps short of being close to anyone who sailed down South that year and fought for the flag that you so proudly stand behind.  I’d love to see you do a day in the shoes of any of them men and call it easy.  You are nothing but a bad footballer, that punched his girlfriend in France and then threatened his ex-wife and her parents.  You are a pathetic excuse for a human being, and you stir up the feelings of every single person who has not only been touched by the Falklands Conflict, but also by the Conflict in Northern Ireland.  People want to forget the past, but they want to respect the fallen as well.  You do neither, attempting to make yourself more popular by offending anyone and everyone in the process.

What I would advise, Stan, is that you stick to what your good at: Being a bad football pundit and beating up women.  Considering you need a job I would advise steering clear of offending veterans as, often, they are in positions of power higher than you could ever dream.  You might have kicked a ball around a pitch before, but you weren’t good at that either, so why not climb back into the pundit hole you came from, keep silent and let the world carry on without your venomous presence.  If my father was here to write this himself, I would assure you, it would reach places that would embarrass you.  Sadly he isn’t here anymore, so as his son I will stand up and say it instead.


47 thoughts on “Opinions that don’t matter

  1. couldn`t have put it better myself , ex RN falklands veteran myself , i find it offensive to my `brothers in arms ` that gave their all , so that uneducated pillocks like `stan ` can voice an opinion at all , he is not even fit to walk in their shadow let alone pass comment given his track record

  2. Until we meet Stan and talk of things said….class of 82…

  3. Well said young man, this person as no family values or else he would have realized, he’s not only insulted the men who fought to liberate this island, but their families who waited at home for them to return, and the loss to the families of men who didn’t return, he needs to grow a set of balls, and man up, perhaps an uniform and a tour of war duty would help…..

  4. Len, couldn’t have said it better myself,sweetheart! My heartfelt Condolences to you and your Family on the loss of your Dad. He’ll be proud of you for standing up for him and all our Fallen Heroes who have paid the Ultimate Sacrifice by giving up their Today for our Tomorrow. ‘THANK YOU’ and ‘ULTIMATE RESPECT’ goes to your Dad, and every single Hero who steps up to the mark, proudly dons the Uniforms of our Armed Forces, bravely puts their precious lives on the line 24/7/365 and do what they have to do (Or did) to ensure those left behind continue living in the Freedom we can ALL take for granted. We ALL (including this brainless, foul mouthed thug!) owe each and every one of our Servicemen and women who are currently Serving, and our Veterans, a debt of gratitude we can never hope to repay, as well as our unconditional Support and Respect always. God Bless you all.

  5. Well put young man, your father would be proud of you. RIP the lads well lost but not forgotten, an ex 59 Indep Cdo Sqn RE.

  6. An extremely well worded response to the idiot that is Stan Collymore.
    HMS Endurance 1980 – 1983.

    Love that backgound by the way, where can I get it? 🙂

      • having been on the receiving end with my ex-husband, Mandy, I can assure you that what he did to her was vicious, and abhorrent. The man is an egotistical bully and will never accept responsibility for his behaviour. No matter what he does wrong or how atrocious his behaviour it will ALWAYS be someone else’s fault,

    • No I disagree. This goes to underline what a sorry and pathetic excuse for a man Stan is when compared to the Falklands veterans.

  7. A great response that maintained your own integrity. If only our society could remember the sacrifices made by others to maintain freedoms around the world.

  8. It’s idiots like Collymore that give Britons a bad name. Women beating scum. His career is over. My Old Mum used to say “if you have nothing nice or constructive to say, say nothing” maybe his parents should have brought him up better. He’s a disgusting human being. I have every respect for our past and present Servicemen. I only hope someone will one day teach him the error of his ways.

  9. I wont even call Collymore a man he lost that right when he decided to beat up women, he has the intellect of small child that has a tantrum and throws his dummy on the pavement. His grasp of the history of the Falkland Islands is as poor as his skill as a footballer. This oxygen thief just craves attention and doesn’t care who he offends along the way.He needs to crawl back under his dirty rock a truly vile creature.

    12 Regt RA , 82.

  10. Brilliant, couldn’t have said it better myself. Colleymore is a boil on the arse of Britain and should be lanced. Sheffield 82

    • I have contacted talksport through the link and invited Stan to have a chat about his comments, I also advised talksport to sack him or risk losing most of their listeners, what is the betting my comments will be ignored by both, my advise to all is boycott talksport.

    • Your dad will be very proud of you, I do understand the ladies comment on the remarks about beating up women as Mr Collymore will take that as an invitation and believe that he is now legally entitled to beat women up and the way our justice system works would most probably get away with it and you end up in the dock, charged with inciting him lol i have also posted on talksport offering Mr Collymore to have a chat on the who,why, what and when’s of the Falklands, i also told talksport they should sack him, I very much doubt either will happen, so my advise to all turn off talksport.

  11. I find it remarkable that a well liked radio presenter can lose his job for inadvertantly playing an old record with a supposedly offensive word in it while Stan can get away with dishing out the tripe he does unpunished

  12. Ex raf falklands, (55yrs young). A brilliant and poignant retort, polite, succinct and felt by all who have commented and supported your sentiment…. Bravo!

  13. Very well said, your dad will be proud of you as will be all the veterans from 1982. Ex Royal Navy HMS Sheffield D80

  14. Really could not have put it better..I was one of the lucky ones my brother in law on the Sheffield came home , but was never the same …Stan crawl back under the rock from whence you came

  15. This is typical of how all our governments have pampered to celebs to allow them to get away with being able to say what ever they wish, but the average person would be sacked or certainly prosecuted under some political correct rule for saying something far less offensive than this bile from someone who could not find the box in a shoe shop. Would do so on a car park though. Bungie JD DBF Sack the tosser.

  16. Very good article – thank you for your support; I am proud to say that I was a member of the Class of ’82.

  17. I thank you lad and I reckon your father would thank with great pride in your resect of the Vets. You have earned the respect of this Veteran and can now consider yourself as one of our band of brothers in your own right. We all serve and stand in our own way. Respect

  18. Written with intergrity and feeling. All lost in this political correct asylum. Another modern Brit who shows his true feelings for the sacrifices of the British Nation and her indigenous people. Former 41/42 Cdo

  19. I’m a patriot and agree with the Falklands .Do not agree with left wing views it does not Serve the people like they profess . But it would be good to be able to sort it owt and work together ? But you no them people who are in charge of Argentina at the moment will not listen so it is them that are in the wrong

  20. Well write piece,young sir. The said mister Collymore has no respect for any veterans, he as no respect for the 258 military and civilian souls that gave their all on those islands. He has no respect for the veterans that have lost their lives , due to the effects of their experiences there. He has no respect for the now over a thousand service men and veterans that have given their all in Northern Ireland, not to mention the endless number of civilians . I fear the pain and upset his remarks have caused to all that served there losing colleagues friends , brothers in arms, now only feeds his sick egotistical mind he is a narcissist that only thinks of himself and enjoys the pain and suffering he causes . My sincere condolences to you and your family for the loss of your farther to me , s brother in arms . class of and veteran of 82.

  21. From a Guy who was only on a 2 hour Standby to go if needed, i was fully trained and wanted to go, What you have wrote to Stan Collymore is a Classic, extremly Well Done, your Father would be proud of you and Thankyou. Lawrence Ibbotson Vet.

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