Guess whose back…

Yep, me. New job and, fingers crossed, new lease of life. Been too long since I have written anything, so I thought I would start with a basic blog post.

Since I last posted, things have changed slightly.  First off I am a home-owner, as I have moved in with Kim, after buying a house a stones throw from my Mums.  It needs a lot of work, but I think this is where I will be calling home for some time.  Secondly I managed to bag myself a new job, working for Pearson Group, at EdExcel.  It is a different job from what I have done previously, but as it requires Customer Service skills, something I have in abundance, it shouldn’t be too difficult a transition.  Also I’ve barely written a word since my last post on Geek Pride, which isn’t something positive to admit too.  This will be changing however, now I am a 9-5 man.

Blog wise, I’ve changed my WordPress a little, with the “Shorts Corner” turning into my personal music page, so you can listen to the music I love and like.  I am currently working on a couple of review for GP, two games that are in Beta, so watch this space.  I will be writing some stuff about current affairs and my points of view on them, especially about aspects of the world that massively, personally affect me.

Anyhow I’ve written the most I have written is some time, so I’m signing off to play some computer games and listen to some music.  Take care.



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