Open Letter to my friends regarding Politics

Dear Friends,

So it would appear that people are using the riots in London to attack the broad spectrum of people who didn’t vote Conservative. That I get, hell, we’d do the same if the shoe was on the other foot. What I don’t get is the raw lack of understanding, from the Conservative representatives/voters, as to why rioting is happening. I do not condone the riots; destruction of property and lack of respect for democracy should never be tolerated. Yes, I dislike the Tories, and yes I dislike the fact that we have another five years under them, but that doesn’t equate to acceptance of destroying and rioting. So far, one thing I have noticed, is that most people aren’t arguing a passionate, individual line; your peddling what the party you voted for is telling you, or your Tory friends. Let me give you what it looks like on the bread line.

The Conservative government, in 2012, signed the largest privatisation deal in the NHS’s history. I can see some positives in privatising certain aspects of the Health system, but carving it up should be the choice of the public. The National Health Service was created by a Labour government, not a Tory government, for the people. Yet since 2011 it has been cut up and sold off to various parties, all whom want to make a profit off the NHS. Yes, privatising it may increase the efficiency, but no one wants to live in a health care state like the US, where they have a national health service, but it is pretty much the lowest grade of health care. Since 2011 there hasn’t been a steady increase in NHS spending, which we have seen in the Labour governments prior to the Tories taking power, there has been little increase at all. Looking at the numbers, historically & naturally, the Tories that always cut NHS spending. Considering the number of service users that access NHS treatments, have increased, why hasn’t spending matched that? The Tories have no real passion, nor care, for the NHS. It is seen as something surplus to requirements, a black hole of spending, something that can be sold off, made more efficient. No. The MASSES don’t want that, not the 19% of people who voted for the Conservatives. 19% of the population should NOT have a say in what is, essentially through funding, a PUBLIC SERVICE. That is a reason as to why the public are rioting, we are fearing another five years of carving what isn’t yours, what you have only put 19% of investment into. You only own a small percentage of the NHS, hands off.

Welfare State & Austerity
 photo daily-cartoon20150322.jpg
This one hits home hardest, and the most raw nerve as well. Since 2012 the ONS (Office for National Statistics) has seen 2% decline in life expectancy, within the United Kingdom. In a modern world, where life expectancy increases decade on decade, under the Tories we have seen a decline. Why? Well there is a scary figure that is often discussed separately, and distantly, from that first number, and for a good reason. Suicides are also on the increase, again since 2012. Why aren’t those two figures discussed side-by-side more often? Well the media would never want you to see those figures together, the 4% increase especially & alone in a single year. With massive, carving cuts to benefits, Bedroom Tax for anyone who has an extra room in their home & ATOS on the prowl, those figures don’t surprise me when displayed side-by-side.

Up until 2010, homelessness was on the decrease, with affordable housing, a decent welfare state and council housing in abundance, that is no surprise. Since 2010 is it back on the increase, at a massively alarming rate. The Bedroom tax, reduction in welfare spending & the punishment of the weakest, most vulnerable to society for being so, has forced this number to increase again. We live in a state of non-austerity, or if we call it austerity, we’ll use its first meaning “sternness or severity of manner or attitude”, as how to best approach the masses.

I take it that, as well as being proud of running the country more “efficiently” that the Conservative government is also proud to display the mantel of being under investigation by the UN for its continued, systematic violation of disabled rights? When the plebeian can’t walk/see/move/breath/think properly, lets remove their rights to an equal life.

Those reasons above grant further proof as to why people are protesting in London.

Voting Reform
First past the post doesn’t work, especially when you look at the current election numbers. Seats to votes isn’t proportional, nor fair, especially when one area gets 5 seats for 1.6m votes, and another gets 55 for 1.6m votes. We need change, we want voting reform, and quickly. The two party system isn’t working, when you get into power from a majority, of a minority, that isn’t democracy, that’s conformity to a broken system.

That is another reason why people are protesting in London, we want change.

Final words
We aren’t looking to break democracy, nor are we crying because we lost. Real people have died and suffered under a Tory government, and not because of lack of treatment, but purposeful mistreatment. No one from the Tory government has acknowledged, cared or changed their stances based on what it’s populace wanted. They have continued to sap & tap into the greatest gifts to the masses that they have been given; the welfare state & national health care. They have been targeted because they exist, in what is supposed to be the model for a modern day, multi-cultural, equal, free, fair society. Instead they now live a life in fear, fear of being broken, battered, ignored and thrown into the gutter whenever the coffers demand.

People often point out that Labour, taking us into Afghanistan & Iraq, as sticking points, but just to point out, we lost less Soldiers on the front line, than we have lost at home to Austerity. That is a disturbing, sad fact. More people have been killed by treatment, or lack of, at home, than by enemy action.

A government shouldn’t rule its people, its people should rule its government. When that government see’s the mass populace as nothing more than a frustrating inconvenience, then we must unite, stand fast and ensure that the people are kept free, treated equal and cared for by that government. That isn’t happening. That won’t happen.

I don’t condone riots, nor do I condone violence, destruction, nor ignorance of democracy as reasons to do, or continue to do, what happened in London. However if you think that it is because Labour lost, you are indeed an ignorant, lost soul. It is because the people don’t want another five years of the most weakest, vulnerable, lost of society being at the bottom; ignored, blamed and taken from. If David Cameron TRULY believed in Austerity, then those people would be pushed to the top of his, and his parties, agenda. One thing the British Army always taught me; As fast as the slowest man. Always in it together, never stood alone. We live in a United Kingdom, but not under David Cameron.

Good day.


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