Democratic Travesty: Good Friday Agreement

For thirty years the British army was deployed in Northern Ireland in an attempt to bring peace to the area.  Granted this didn’t work very well, causing the conflict to spiral out of control and leading to a timeline of conflict that we call today “The Troubles”.  For many the scars of this conflict still impact those involved personally today, and they carry that burden with them.  Those who were born after the troubles are still affected by the times, especially when it comes to the political impact on Northern Ireland.

Recently though the arrest of an ex-member of the Parachute Regiment has just made a mockery of the entire process.  The idea of the Good Friday agreement was to bring all members, of all sides together, and move forward.  Each side treated equally, moving to bring justice to those who have suffered, and peace to those who detested the conflict that marred their homeland.  There is a slight problem with that though, a problem that makes the issue one-sided.  Soldiers have names, numbers, ranks, order, signed orders and thanks to those things, they have a responsibility for what has happened, and the outcome of orders they follow.  So this soldier who took part is what is known as “Bloody Sunday” has been arrested due to the deaths that occurred that day, so following the justice part of the entire “Good Friday” agreement, why is that so wrong?

Well where are the terrorist arrests?  Most of them have been released due to lack of evidence, or as part of the Good Friday agreement.  The problem with Terrorists is they don’t have names, number, ranks; they have orders, but they have no responsibility.  Thanks those who wish to make a mockery of any move forward, they will not name those people as guilty.  They won’t stand up and say “He was a member of the IRA and killed people” because they feel they have “Won”.  Well this confirms the victory of Terrorism over Democracy, by allowing someone who was ordered to do something to go to jail.

Why not drag out Jerry Adams, the man who hides behind children and a known member of the IRA and put him in the dock?  Martin McGuinness, gun runner and bomb suppler, caught and convicted, yet apparently not a member of the IRA, why hasn’t he been arrested and convicted?  Well let me tell you why; that wouldn’t be PC, nor would it move the peace accords forward.  What is happening here is victimisation of those who are forgotten, those who can afford to be lost to provide peace.  No one dares to stand against the Northern Irish “Democratic Terrorism”, where the terrorists are allowed to dictate policy, including the detainment of those who served against the IRA during Bloody Sunday.

The IRA have been the driving factor against peace in Northern Ireland.  They want to get democracy through blackmail, and its what they have done since day one.  Historically I am one of the first people to agree that we had no place in Northern Ireland, however I cannot change history, I can just look forward.  What is happening now doesn’t support a true democratic process; it makes a mockery of those who have died to bring peace.  It mocks those who obeyed orders from the side of order.  Granted not every soldier was a saint; bring them to the dock.  However as it stands we pander, daily, to the terrorists from Northern Ireland.

Its a time to take a stand, its time to back the true democratic order.  I support peace in Northern Ireland, but it needs to be an equal peace.  It needs to be peace where members of the following organisations are brought to justice equally, not just those who fought within the British Army:

Members of the above organisations have as much blood on their hands as any serving/ex-serving member of the British army.  No one is innocent but lets not stand by and allow those who followed orders, who were ignored during enquiry after enquiry, suffer & pander to terrorists.

If you live in Northern Ireland and want peace; agree to equally prosecute anyone who took part in the troubles.  If you live in Northern Ireland and want to bring justice to those who caused suffering; agree to equally prosecute anyone who took part in the troubles.  Don’t hide people because they are family; because they fought “The good fight”.  In war there is no “Good fight” there is only fighting.  No side is right, no side is wrong; conflict is resolved through either totally victory, or a discussed peace.  If you support the arrest of a ex-British Army soldier who was part of the “Bloody Sunday” massacre, then you support the terrorists that also committed atrocities during the troubles.  You don’t want peace, you just want to place the blame on someone and move along.

That isn’t true peace, that’s a democratic travesty.  One that is tied up in militarist-political lies, sold by terrorists to a tired people, eager for anything but violence.  Is that the Northern Ireland you want?  Well if this carries on, it’s what you will have.


Politics & Religion (Rated: 15)

So seventeen days in a row in work, one of them a fourteen and a half hour shift (a staggering seventeen hours away from home!) and I can definitely say, I cannot write when this mentally tired (instead I play Hearthstone; badly).  However I wanted to touch on a subject that, currently, is moving around the usual social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter etc.), whilst my brain was alive and fresh, here goes.

If you know me, I’m politically motivated.  I believe in certain things that some may disagree with, and some may agree with.  I rarely force a belief onto others, but I will partake in debates and conversations where I stand my ground.  I feel now however, that I need to change my stance slightly, I need to become more focused on pushing back and publically shouting down these idiots.  I am struggling to find what part to discuss first and foremost, religion or politics.  Lets discuss religion, as a catholic I am sure I can put this into terms that even the simplest man could understand.

I have had this argument before, how the book can be abused, not everything has to be taken literally that’s written in the book, bad people come in all walks of life.  How does a Muslim man differ from a Christian man?  They are alike, they are human beings, they just happen to believe in two different deities.  How does an Atheist differ from a Muslim?  They don’t, apart from beliefs.  Now a belief can make a man do terrible things in the name of that belief, but so can nothing.  A man who has no faith has less rules and regulations that controls his life, not saying they are lesser people, they aren’t.  Religion isn’t for everyone and everyone isn’t for Religion, so there aren’t hard and fast rules with religion.  What angers me, really angers me, is how stupid, idiotic and simplistic the inhabitants of Great Britain are when it comes to being spoon fed information.  “BritainFirst” are this new “Anti-Islamification” political group that have sprouted up out of no-where with the intention of making sure we all know the extreme edge of what could possibly happen, in the rare event we become the next Afghanistan (Pre-2001 invasion) under the Taliban. 
We’re all in danger of the nation becoming a nation ruled by Sharia Law, immediately if we don’t vote for them now.  The honesty is that this won’t happen, ever.  Its designed to get the most idiotic and moronic of people who live in the country to panic and believe that is could happen.  Even if it did, it would take the majority of the white population of the UK to actually agree to it happening first, but heh, you all knew that much didn’t you.  Didn’t you?  I hope so, considering that the most brightest and intelligent of this Great Britain, all agreed that we aren’t a nation ran by religion and we should never be.  There has never been so much agreement of the separation of State and Religion in a long time and, this new party BritainFirst is a party based on the Protestant beliefs.  So much for separation of State and Religion if you vote these goons in.  They are the NF/BNP/EDL, the only difference is that they no longer shave their heads and wearing steel toe capped boots.  They have evolved into wearing suits and owning businesses, making themselves look like great members of society.  Instead their beliefs, principles, policies are all based around creating an elite that, through pure education alone, is based on colour of skin and basis of religion.  Considering how long it took is, as a world population of human beings, to see past things like colour and creed, even today that struggle continues.  In a well based, fully democratically education society like ours, you never expect to see a party like this succeed.  If it does, I will no longer be proud to say I am a British Citizen, I will turn in my passport and leave.

That brings me to Europe and the UK Independence Party.  Europe was a bad idea from the start, however we’ve come a long way together since it started.  So far that it would be massively damaging to actually withdraw from Europe at this point.  The main war drum sounding for UKIP is that which states 26million people are waiting for our jobs.  That is a bit of an over exaggeration, if 26million people where waiting for our jobs, they might as well invade and take the jobs.  Our standing army is a mere one hundred thousand, even rushing the country we could kill twice that number (200,000).  So I very much doubt that 26million people are waiting for our jobs, its scare mongering.  The other part of this is, why not?  Recently I have tried to employ six people for two positions.  Now that seems simple enough, advertise, interview and employ.  No, its really not.  Only the last two of that six actually turned up or wanted to work, the rest just stopped coming, like its acceptable and normal to not turn up.  Its okay to not communicate or talk to your manager, its perfectly fine to waste a weeks worth of work, per person, per interview and when offered, just not turn up.

Now, as any Starbucker will know, I worked in many of the Manchester stores and, most of the time, I’ve been a Supervisor or Assistant Manager.  I can, honestly hand on my heart, say that some of the most dedicated, hard working people I have worked with DON’T come from the UK.  In fact those from the UK think its acceptable to turn up to work smelling of booze from the night before, turning up late, not in uniform.  Germans, Slovaks, Poles, always turn up on time, work hard and don’t just randomly disappear.

Why should I employ someone who has a history of not turning up to work?  Why shouldn’t I employ the Pole, German, Slovak?!  Just because some rich man in a suit who wants to monopolize on an opportunity for power for a few years to earn some easy money and get his friends places?!  UKIP are another flop party that don’t, really, know their arse from their elbows when it comes to politics, or what the majority of people in the UK want.

What do I want?  I don’t appreciate an open boarder policy, but I disagree with closing said boarders and giving the jobs to only those from the UK.  Based on my history of employing people (ten plus years) I can whole heartedly say that those from abroad work a lot harder than those from our shores.  I disagree that Muslims/Christians or any other religion is a reason for a politically motivated party to even get votes within the UK.  If BritainFirst want to get votes they should have policies that help the average working British person and focus on removing the austerity fail that has been left stagnant since its inception. We have worked hard to secure a State/Religion separation, and accepting a party into power that strengthens the bond between State and Religion is moronic. I believe that spending on benefits needs to be looked at, but not at the punishment of those who truly need it. We spend too much on people who are brought up in a society where its publically acceptable to live on the dole, we need to do more to change that mentality, or change the system so those who honestly need it are at the top of the list.  I believe that we need to ensure that Great Britain stays great and for that to happen we need to have an influx of people from abroad and a connection to Europe. The current faults within England don’t lie within the midst of society, it lies at the peak, where the power currently is and we can topple that and change it if we choose.

UKIP, BritainFirst and the Conservatives are doing what politicians have done for years; pulling the wool over your eyes. They are seeking to secure votes so that they can give themselves a healthy wage, whilst promoting their friends and families into positions of power at the expense of the British tax payer. If people are dumb enough to put these people into power, I will have lost all faith in the United Kingdom.

At this stage we need to abolish the bedroom tax and get people less reliant on food banks, both which are effects of a conservative government and how it treats the hardest working people of the country it runs. BritainFirst, UKIP & the Conservatives are not going to abolish any of those things. We live in a multi-cultural nation that has been forged by differing cultures and our interactions with them.

Don’t be stupid with your vote.

Religion in Politics, rant & Writing Update

Owen Jones reaction to David Cameron’s statement about how religion has a role on moral ethics was perfect.  I’ve only ever glanced in the direction of Owen Jones in passing, never really paying attention to what he has had to say, but recently, especially with him taking a huge step against Cameron, he has stepped more into the spotlight of the political scene.  I have his book “Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class” sat next to me, waiting to be read behind “Confessions” and “The Return of the Prodigal Son”.  Jones points out that Religion and the State need to be kept separate, and I whole heartedly agree, when you mix politics and religion together in a pot nothing but negativity comes from it.  Cameron though, sadly, is correct and religion can lead to be a positive role-model for people.  Surely though, I hear you cry, those morals can be given without religion.  Yes, yes they can, but its just something you have to indoctrinate your children from a young age, something which religion can step in and do so much easier for you.  Yet Cameron is stating that a country, which is multi-diverse with its religious state than it ever has, can be a “Christian” nation where morals are given to our younger generations.

Now the issue with this is, he is using religion as a tool, not as a moral guide.  If he, himself, had used the religion he so fully believes in, the bedroom tax wouldn’t have come into effect.  So we can also scrap the reduction in benefits, the spreading of wealth amongst those who need it most and the support network improved for the poorest of people within the United Kingdom.  Yet Cameron has done the opposite and has used the religious card as another political, long term tool, to attempt to gain votes that he has lost.  Targeting the very
moral tool that so many good children have been brought up on in this country, Anglican or Catholic, Christians are in it all together.  Christianity embodies the very essence of being in something together, completely, in fact most religions do also follow this very moral code.  An example of this the rich sitting next to the poor within church, not in a separate VIP section, not in a better furnished section, but the exact same section as someone who comes from a poorer background than themselves.  A good religious person, who follows a moral code or book to which their own, independent religion publishes, knows that within that book are some basic rules.  Treat people as you expect to be treated, humanity is first and foremost, don’t kill, don’t cause suffering. 

Sadly David Cameron hasn’t done any of the above, so considering that he has released a statement saying we all need to be more “Christian” about our lives, your the furthest from that David.  You treat people like they are the lowest of the low, forcing people to go to food banks, Christian run food banks, that you criticise with one hand and yet claim we all need to be more Christian with the other.  Humanity comes after profit, considering that is what the definition of Austerity really is, the reduction of budgets (the benefits being the hardest his) or increasing of taxes, neither of which affect you or your constituents.  Your forced policy on change within the benefit and welfare system has caused more deaths than you care to admit, especially the farcical ATOS episode, which I am sure you will put down as a “Mistake that we will all learn from”.  And finally suffering, how many people have suffered under the Conservative government David?  Too many, and yet the minority are protected thanks to your constituents being within that minority.  You are, possibly, the worst Christian that we can look for as an example of Christian living.

I am, as my followers know, coming back to my Catholic roots and it feels good.  Its nice to know that I have people can I be myself around and not feel as if I need to change who I am.  I am walking my own journey through life and its a tough road, I am suffering from stress caused by my life catching up with me and, through my own fault, myself not taking control.  I do, however, follow the Christian principles laid out by the Bible and what is read to me at church.  I don’t follow my faith blindly, I ask questions, I question my faith on a regular basis and I converse with people far more knowledgeable than myself regarding issues of faith.  I am embracing Theological discussions with people who are open minded, not from the Neo-Atheist department of thinking, as if I wanted an open mind to be berated by a close minded fool, I would join a Facebook group that told me what to think regarding religion (such as a Neo-Atheist group). 

The ironic thing about Neo-Atheism is this; They claim that religious people are closed minded fools who are told what to believe, yet happily share facts and are spoon-fed by the admins of these groups, information that is often false.  Catholics don’t let people die and pray for healing, they go to a Doctor, or hospital.  Afterwards they thank the Doctor and hospital for the help provided, and they then thank God.  In that order, not the order of “God, hospital, Doctor”, in fact I know that most religions if they believe God has actually had a hand with the healing process, it is through said Doctors.  There are extreme off-shoots of Christianity where small groups of individuals, bastardise and change the Bible so they can get what they want;  these people are called extremists.  Extremists change the words, processes and the very systems of belief to suit their own goals.  Extremist Christians will let their children die because they believe God will save their child.  Just like an atheist junkie will leave their child to die of starvation.  Extremist Muslims will use Jihad as a reason to kill lots of people.  Just like an atheist teenager in America will go on a killing spree because he is mocked for how he looks or his sexuality.  Extremism isn’t what the MAJORITY of us believe in, which is contra to what your Neo-Atheist groups will force you to believe.

However, attempting to converse with a Neo-Atheist is like trying to find the Higgs-Boson particle, you get close to proving a point and they will deflect the argument and disappear into a whole different point because they hate being in a corner they cannot get out of.  Yet a normal, sensible, honest Atheist will just smile and carry on.  Why?  A true Atheist will allow you to believe what you want to believe, they will allow you to worship what you want to worship.  Like I allow an Atheist to believe in a lack of God without berating them on the subject, why should I?  It’s their chosen belief, why should I try to change them?  If they want to converse in an intelligent manner regarding deities, then by all means I will participate.  Neo-Atheists are as bad as street preachers, they are as bad as people who ram religion down peoples necks, because they don’t just preach it, they enjoy the degradation and the mocking that comes with Neo-Atheism.  Maybe the mature thing for me to do is to just ignore it and carry on, which I do nine times out of ten.  What grinds my gears is when people act so righteous about Atheism, like it is an actual religion.  If Atheism was a religion it would be the Anarchy of religion, because what do you worship?  Who is in charge?  If Atheists want to be Atheists then surely it is just a lifestyle rather than an aggressive belief system.

So I managed to write nearly five thousand words during my seven hours writing spree the other day, which was an accomplishment, however I don’t know if its good or not.  Luckily I have managed to get involved with a very support group of writers on Goodread’s that are helping me write.  Finding my muse is difficult, especially when I rarely get time alone and without interruption.  Several times I have been tempted to just give up on writing completely, but I honestly believe I have something to give and I have no given up thus far.  Due to my line of work I cannot turn my phone off, or mute it, as I am required to be in contact with people a lot of the time.  I have a feeling though that across the next few months, I hope, that things will get easier before they get harder.  If I continue to struggle across these months to write, I will probably just give up.  Its a huge emotional and stressful struggle attempting to do something that you really want to do and not getting anywhere with it.  I did expect to get a huge amount of support from family and friends, but so far I have only been given serious support from people I didn’t know six months ago, people I’ve never met and people who have no impact on my daily life.  I guess it can be too much to ask for sometimes, sitting in solitude when your in a full time relationship isn’t something that both parties will want to partake in.  Asking for a few hours silence when sat alone in a room, whilst sitting within a fully functional house may be a bridge too far.  However I cannot afford to pay £5/£10/£15 a day to write in utter silence in a coffee shop in central Manchester.  I guess I just attract the noise level, however I am open to anyone who wants to part-rent a small office space within central Manchester 🙂  I guess I will just have to see how it goes, however I may need to organise my time better than I already do, its frustrating but very little is me alone (this week has been, but with it being the holiest week on the Catholic calendar….).  I am just constantly feeling demoralised, if its not one thing, its another and being the age I am at, and the direction I want to go in, I can only take so much.

On a side note, I have been asked to join my local parish choir, which is in dire need of male members.  Obviously I said yes, so I now go up on high and blare out my voice for all to hear.  Its not pretty, but at least I am helping them out.  Anyhow I have ranted enough, I hope you all have a great Easter weekend

Take care.

Writers block and its terrible influence

So, here I sit at my computer, fingers on keyboard with a thousand thoughts rushing around my head.  As my fingers hit the keys nothing appears on the screen, and I wonder if I am doing something wrong.  I check that my brain is communicating with my fingers correctly by scratching my nose; all good.  I check that my keyboard is working by going onto Google, using my mouse to navigate to the text box and typing “Cats”, then pressing search.  After spending thirty-five minutes scrolling through cats of various shapes and sizes I realise where I started off from, went back to my writing folder and opened up one of my documents regarding my book.  Again I did the same thing I had done for twenty minutes earlier on in the evening.  This has been going on for days now and I cannot seem to get over it.

The frustrating part is; the story I have in my head, partially written down both electronically and physically, is a gripping, driven story that should entertain readers.  I read somewhere that if a story doesn’t keep your interest, how do you expect to keep your readers interest, so I created a story that is interesting.  I am unsure how it will end (further down the line), which excites me, but that dreaded wall.  The huge, cold war era thing, built out of colourless, degrading concrete, built on iron rods of oppression.  The wall always has that smell of old, moist carpet whenever you get near it and is covered in graffiti by the gang “Write Off”.  Words like “Stop” and “Can’t” cover the wall and rather than break through it, you feel better taking those few steps back and wait for the day you can just break through it in one swing.  Some days I come at that wall armed with a JCB, a handful of TNT and all the time in the world.  Most days though, I can only manage to bring a standard hammer and twenty minutes, and that’s just not worth the effort.  Some people will say “Why are you bothering then?  If you can’t find the “effort” to write, your not a writer.” and, at times, I would be forced to agree with them.  I sometimes don’t feel I am worthy of being a writer, considering some of the pieces of writing I have read in the past, authors of legend that I can never hope to be displayed with or stand next to as an equal.  That though is the point, some authors who I have read that don’t write well at all, they have no emotion or understanding of the subject they write about.  That gives me hope, hope that one day I can write, be published and have something that came from my mind to share with people and, maybe, make it my new career.

Now anyone that knows me, understands that I do this from time to time.  I find a hobby, get so engrossed that I seem like its the best thing in the world ever and, like Jonathan Smith I’d head off down the highway to my next adventure.  However writing is something I have always had a passion for, especially if you have ever read anything I’ve ever seriously written.  Whenever I write about something I am passionate about, I can write for hours and hours, sometimes even coming back to it the next day and adding to what I have written already.  I love writing science fiction & fantasy, debating politics and historic “What-Ifs”, conversing about policies and changes of governments.  I dislike gossiping, rumour spreading & hate mongering, if you have an opinion great, but don’t beat someone with it.  So writing as a deep place in my heart and I love doing it, so I want to share the stories I have, just like everyone else, out there for people to have access too.  When I worked at GW, I loved my job and the people I worked with, but my passion with GW wasn’t with the hobby, but the Black Library.  The story and writing side of the company, the background of the game and the meat and veg of the job itself (imagination).

Sometimes feel like I took a wrong turn somewhere as I always wanted to be a Police Officer or a Teacher and neither of those things appeared to be within my grasp, due to failings of my own (messing around too much at school to become a teacher) and the Police recruiting method (sorry your not a trained police officer, you can’t have the job).  I feel that if I would have applied myself in a more academic direction I may have made something more “Productive” in my life, not that I am making light of the job I do now.  The job I currently have isn’t an easy job, nor is it for the faint of heart, its a tough, hard working job that it takes a special kind of person to do.  However I have always said I was built for something else, something more productive and I think that it may have been writing.  My poor understanding of grammar, my lack of knowledge of the English dictionary and my complete failure of my creative muscle within me is my undoing.  I am attempting to repair these three faults, but they are pretty much epic scale faults when it comes to creative writing, with the lean towards becoming published.  The current bout of writers block isn’t helping at all, in fact it is soul crushing.  I have spoken with a published author about my feelings and, he pointed out that you don’t need degree’s to get anywhere.  I just need to write on, pretty much grind on with what I am going and get it out there.

That’s enough about my writing, what am I reading, still Saint Augustine.  His book “Confessions” is really a good read, but at points it reads more like the Bible than an autobiography.  Some of the things he has written about really touch home with myself and I find we are very alike.  I am beginning to understand the historicism of the Catholic church and how much I can actually believe.  Through Augustine’s writings I can see why he was considered radical within the church as his beliefs on the creation of man and the world are close to scientific reasoning.  Also the fact he actually believed in the scientific thinkers of his times regarding the stars, space, time makes him someone that, obviously, didn’t just change his life on a whim.  Augustine had beliefs prior to Christianity and he followed them until they were proven wrong.  Christianity was the last of that line, nothing could prove his belief in Christianity wrong and that, for me, is a strong indicator of how much he trusted and believed the Catholic church.  I have not finished reading just yet, so lets see how the book finishes, but I don’t think I can change my path now.  Going back to church, speaking with fellow Catholic’s frequently and reading the Bible, as well as Confessions, is really showing me how great a religion it is.  I was going to write a blog last week regarding “Neo-Atheism” and its impact on the world, but I will save that for another blog post.

I have eight more days off and, apart from spending it with Kim, I will be dedicating my spare time to getting my characters written down and focussing on pushing my book in a forward direction.

Take care everyone.

Writing, life and religion

So my writing hasn’t really been occurring as often as I’d have really liked during the past week. That’s not to say I haven’t written anything at all, it’s just nothing I can really share. Plots, character developments and writing more detail around the areas in my book. I keep getting tempted by writing some shorts, but whenever I put pen to paper/fingers to keyboard I find myself drifting back into “Book” mode. I keep wanting to develop my plot or write more about Alex (the name has changed twice already), but the ideas keep coming. Obviously Alex can’t be the leader of a Rebellion, a fighter pilot and a master tactician. I might as just well call him Luke Skywalker and have done with it. I think I’ll write some shorts during my days off, especially for my upcoming (hopeful) appearances at the Manchester Speculative Fiction events. So to sum up my writing this far: around 6k words on plot and another 2k on character development, which to me is not much, but there’s plenty of scribblings and changes I’ve made in that time as well. I’ll power through and I imagine that when I start writing my book proper, the spices will flow!

On a more personal level, my crisis has ended. After talking with some close friends, I am decided. I think that stepping back into the church after all this time is the right thing to do for me. I have out reading “Reamde” on hold and I am currently reading “Confessions” by Saint Augustine. I see myself in him, obviously I don’t have the life long learning he had, but I have followed roughly the same path he has at a similar age. I just feel at ease when I read about Catholicism and I feel at ease when I am in Gods house. I know that the backlash here will probably be severe, friends will mock me or attempt to dislodge my choices, but I guess that’s why we’re tested. If we get through these times then we become stronger. I am sure my real friends will support me and help me, that will be the test.

Either way my knowledge of my own religion has increased the last few weeks through reading and conversations. I am not following my faith blindly, I am doing whatever it takes to educate myself, questioning and learning as I go. Blind faith is an uneducated method of following something and, although many do it, I am not willing too. Still I await the backlash, fingers crossed I can survive it and keep many of my friends intact. I’m not going to change, I am not going to try and convert my friends. Their choice is their choice, but I treat people as I expect to be treated. Will it work? Who knows, let’s just hope it does.

Work is tough at the moment, many issues and hurdles to overcome, but the team continues to power through and get it done. I am lucky to have such a great team and I hope that when I move on it keeps on going. Still I have been stressed recently, but it’s nothing to worry about, stress is part of my every day life now. I am as accustomed to it as breathing, when I am not stressed with something, work or real life, it is a rare and outstanding day indeed.

I hope everyone has a great April and I hope you good health. I will be putting a short up soon so, watch this space!

Shares, likes and opinions

As everyone here knows, especially those who know me on Facebook, I love to like and share things I see. I believe in sharing things that deserve to be shown to the world, like videos of cute dogs, or funny pictures & meme’s. I like anything I agree with, or anything that I appreciate so that the person knows to keep sharing, talking or to carry on with whatever they are doing. Sometimes I rant, but I have moved that from there to here, because I know that if I rant too much of Facebook I offend people. I am not in the art of offending people anymore, I used to enjoy offending people who I personally thought differently to what I thought. However I see things from a different angle that I used too, I see things like someone who knows that they have an emotional impact on the world around them. I will stand my ground, I will stand by my opinion and if someone lays an opposing argument I will listen, reply and carry on the discussion. These days when someone throws their dummy out of their pram, I just walk off and disengage from the discussion at hand.

However I have come to see a trend recently, and it appears to be worming it’s way into each type of “-ism” that exists, especially Atheism. Now I have said within recent years that I am an Atheist, believing in an absence of God’s and feeling welcomed into the arms of the Atheist community. However since early last year I have had a crisis of faith, looking into differing religions, seeing if something ticked my boxes. I looked into a handful of religions and almost managed to work my way into one, but again the Atheists dragged me back with their logical arguments and scientific based groups. Now though, especially the last few months, it seems to have been more actively aggressive. Religions are known to be closed minded affairs, where people don’t look outside of their little box and are entirely uninformed of how the world really works, right? This is what Atheist’s tell me constantly on the Facebook groups, shared links and opinions shoved down my throat, by fellow Atheists.

Now considering you get bad members of each group, Christian, Muslim, Buddist, Atheist etc etc etc, surely each individual should be judged on individual merit? So far, out of all my Christian friends on Facebook and Twitter, none of them have said to me “OMG, YOU NON-CHRISTIAN ASSHOLE!”. This week I’ve had at least four links shared, pointing out how closed minded, idiotic and stupid Christians/Muslims are on my Facebook wall. Weird, I’ve not had any Christians/Muslims tell me how stupid Atheists are. Now I’m not saying there aren’t people out there that will argue till they are blue in the face against anyone and anything, but those INDIVIDUAL’S are ass holes giving everyone a bad name. Like within any group, no-one likes a gob-shite and there is always one who deems it necessary to sprout his opinion about how bad it is to be Gay/Lesbian/Black/Yellow/Alien/Testicular etc.

My point is, if you are a true Atheist, don’t be one of those ass holes that points out how bad other religions are, makes you as bad as those within religion that do it about people who don’t fall within the strict symbol of their own religious groups. I was brought up a Catholic and after seeing where my own church was founded, I am slowly being drawn back into the religion itself. I believe in Science, I believe in evolution, that doesn’t make me an idiot or contradictory, it just means I am a liberal catholic who looks outside the box and doesn’t stand within it. I have no problem with same sex marriages, and I won’t “Pray” for god to save someone who needs medical attention. This doesn’t mean that I need to be branded with the same brush as those extremist Christians who are so verbally offensive.

I guess its like me branding offensive Atheists in the same category as Communists. At the end of the day they are offensive to those who don’t share the same beliefs, all argue for the same cause without learning about what they are arguing again and drive everyone to either change or be berated.

Don’t be a dick, be an individual and learn about what or who your targeting with your offensive nature. At first your cute and unique, but later you turn into an opinionated, closed minded sheep.