Music Makes the World

Over the past few months I have been creating a playlist of songs that I have loved from my creation, right up until the current moment.  I could just put a list of albums, or a playlist that contained all the songs I liked, but all the other songs from those albums also, I have opted to not do that.

What you have here is the quintessential list of songs that have impacted my life, for better, or for worse.  Don’t judge, don’t hate, just listen.  Some of them are great, some you will never like.  I will keep adding more as I remember, or hear them, but I just wanted to share them with whomever glances at this page.

Its starts with some 80’s, then moves onto the 90’s.  After that its a mis-mash of Rock, Metal, Wave, New Wave, you name it, its in there.


[Important: It does go beyond 199 tracks, however for some reason it won’t display that.  Just go into the actual playlist and view it externally for the rest.]


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