Tomorrow, a vote is a vote, but worth so much more…

Tomorrow we go to the polls, to vote for the next leader of our country.  For some it is a standard affair, one that has been repeated for most of their lives, for others its a start, something they may have never really done, nor bothered too.  For some it is more important than it is for others.  Some won’t really care about the next step in our countries evolution, some won’t be bothered about where, and what state, our country will be in for the next election.  Others however, have suffered, some harshly, others not so.  Some have been scarred by the current Prime Ministers lack of focus on the majority populace, choosing to work for the elite, the cream of society, those who look down on the common man as nothing more than a worker, or plebeian.  Personally I do look down on society, but not for reasons of superiority, but more disappointment.  We choose this leader, we picked him to lead us and move our country forward.  Based on a set of lies and deceit, we are convinced, daily, that it was Labour who ruined our country, Labour who caused the crash, and Labour that plunged our country into disarray.  Many forget it was Labour who created the foundation that the Tories built upon, Labour who formed the foundation that allowed them to leap frog into their current “Golden Age”.  All Labours foundation, all Labours work; the winners look like the Tories, thanks to that hard work.

Tomorrow marks a day where you can make a huge difference.  The Tories have ruined this country, not for everyone, but for the majority, the working man and woman.  I am not one to say to someone “Don’t vote for them”, that isn’t democratic, nor is it fair.  I am one, however, to point out facts, figures, and yes over exaggerate my opinion (it always sounds 400% worse than I say it is; sorry).  You may think that your “Demonstration” vote of the Greens, or Liberal Democrats will send a CLEAR message to the Conservatives; alas it will, but not how you think.  A vote for any one else, other than a major party is, almost, a wasted vote.  If you vote for the any other party, you remove the chance of the Conservatives being pipped at the post.  Thanks to our outstanding method of voting (sarcasm), if the Tories win the majority, it is THEM that pick the Coalition, no one else.  So voting for Greens, Liberal Democrats or UKIP as a protest vote is INDEED a wasted vote.  It merely allows the Conservatives another term in office, another term to suck the country dry, another term to kill the weakest, and least protected of society.

Tomorrow I urge you to vote Labour.  They are not perfect, they are not going to change the country overnight.  Labour will change, for the long term, the country for the better, just like they set out to do during their last term in office.  I didn’t see Labour cutting benefits until people killed themselves, I didn’t see Labour sitting silent as more and more people relied on food banks.  Labour set the ground work for a great country, a country that, today, has climbed out of a black hole.  It would have been a smoother ride for all, had they managed to get a second term.  Alas thanks to tasty propaganda and lies, the Tories stepped in and have claimed the hard work for themselves.

So tomorrow, please, vote.  Vote for whoever you want, but please remember that when you put your mark down, you are directly having an impact on peoples lives.  Remember that under the Tories people have died, not due to negligence, through ignorance.  Don’t allow that to happen any more.  Let us make our country a great one, let us create a country that is strong, proud and loves its populace.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to share this.


Politics & Religion (Rated: 15)

So seventeen days in a row in work, one of them a fourteen and a half hour shift (a staggering seventeen hours away from home!) and I can definitely say, I cannot write when this mentally tired (instead I play Hearthstone; badly).  However I wanted to touch on a subject that, currently, is moving around the usual social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter etc.), whilst my brain was alive and fresh, here goes.

If you know me, I’m politically motivated.  I believe in certain things that some may disagree with, and some may agree with.  I rarely force a belief onto others, but I will partake in debates and conversations where I stand my ground.  I feel now however, that I need to change my stance slightly, I need to become more focused on pushing back and publically shouting down these idiots.  I am struggling to find what part to discuss first and foremost, religion or politics.  Lets discuss religion, as a catholic I am sure I can put this into terms that even the simplest man could understand.

I have had this argument before, how the book can be abused, not everything has to be taken literally that’s written in the book, bad people come in all walks of life.  How does a Muslim man differ from a Christian man?  They are alike, they are human beings, they just happen to believe in two different deities.  How does an Atheist differ from a Muslim?  They don’t, apart from beliefs.  Now a belief can make a man do terrible things in the name of that belief, but so can nothing.  A man who has no faith has less rules and regulations that controls his life, not saying they are lesser people, they aren’t.  Religion isn’t for everyone and everyone isn’t for Religion, so there aren’t hard and fast rules with religion.  What angers me, really angers me, is how stupid, idiotic and simplistic the inhabitants of Great Britain are when it comes to being spoon fed information.  “BritainFirst” are this new “Anti-Islamification” political group that have sprouted up out of no-where with the intention of making sure we all know the extreme edge of what could possibly happen, in the rare event we become the next Afghanistan (Pre-2001 invasion) under the Taliban. 
We’re all in danger of the nation becoming a nation ruled by Sharia Law, immediately if we don’t vote for them now.  The honesty is that this won’t happen, ever.  Its designed to get the most idiotic and moronic of people who live in the country to panic and believe that is could happen.  Even if it did, it would take the majority of the white population of the UK to actually agree to it happening first, but heh, you all knew that much didn’t you.  Didn’t you?  I hope so, considering that the most brightest and intelligent of this Great Britain, all agreed that we aren’t a nation ran by religion and we should never be.  There has never been so much agreement of the separation of State and Religion in a long time and, this new party BritainFirst is a party based on the Protestant beliefs.  So much for separation of State and Religion if you vote these goons in.  They are the NF/BNP/EDL, the only difference is that they no longer shave their heads and wearing steel toe capped boots.  They have evolved into wearing suits and owning businesses, making themselves look like great members of society.  Instead their beliefs, principles, policies are all based around creating an elite that, through pure education alone, is based on colour of skin and basis of religion.  Considering how long it took is, as a world population of human beings, to see past things like colour and creed, even today that struggle continues.  In a well based, fully democratically education society like ours, you never expect to see a party like this succeed.  If it does, I will no longer be proud to say I am a British Citizen, I will turn in my passport and leave.

That brings me to Europe and the UK Independence Party.  Europe was a bad idea from the start, however we’ve come a long way together since it started.  So far that it would be massively damaging to actually withdraw from Europe at this point.  The main war drum sounding for UKIP is that which states 26million people are waiting for our jobs.  That is a bit of an over exaggeration, if 26million people where waiting for our jobs, they might as well invade and take the jobs.  Our standing army is a mere one hundred thousand, even rushing the country we could kill twice that number (200,000).  So I very much doubt that 26million people are waiting for our jobs, its scare mongering.  The other part of this is, why not?  Recently I have tried to employ six people for two positions.  Now that seems simple enough, advertise, interview and employ.  No, its really not.  Only the last two of that six actually turned up or wanted to work, the rest just stopped coming, like its acceptable and normal to not turn up.  Its okay to not communicate or talk to your manager, its perfectly fine to waste a weeks worth of work, per person, per interview and when offered, just not turn up.

Now, as any Starbucker will know, I worked in many of the Manchester stores and, most of the time, I’ve been a Supervisor or Assistant Manager.  I can, honestly hand on my heart, say that some of the most dedicated, hard working people I have worked with DON’T come from the UK.  In fact those from the UK think its acceptable to turn up to work smelling of booze from the night before, turning up late, not in uniform.  Germans, Slovaks, Poles, always turn up on time, work hard and don’t just randomly disappear.

Why should I employ someone who has a history of not turning up to work?  Why shouldn’t I employ the Pole, German, Slovak?!  Just because some rich man in a suit who wants to monopolize on an opportunity for power for a few years to earn some easy money and get his friends places?!  UKIP are another flop party that don’t, really, know their arse from their elbows when it comes to politics, or what the majority of people in the UK want.

What do I want?  I don’t appreciate an open boarder policy, but I disagree with closing said boarders and giving the jobs to only those from the UK.  Based on my history of employing people (ten plus years) I can whole heartedly say that those from abroad work a lot harder than those from our shores.  I disagree that Muslims/Christians or any other religion is a reason for a politically motivated party to even get votes within the UK.  If BritainFirst want to get votes they should have policies that help the average working British person and focus on removing the austerity fail that has been left stagnant since its inception. We have worked hard to secure a State/Religion separation, and accepting a party into power that strengthens the bond between State and Religion is moronic. I believe that spending on benefits needs to be looked at, but not at the punishment of those who truly need it. We spend too much on people who are brought up in a society where its publically acceptable to live on the dole, we need to do more to change that mentality, or change the system so those who honestly need it are at the top of the list.  I believe that we need to ensure that Great Britain stays great and for that to happen we need to have an influx of people from abroad and a connection to Europe. The current faults within England don’t lie within the midst of society, it lies at the peak, where the power currently is and we can topple that and change it if we choose.

UKIP, BritainFirst and the Conservatives are doing what politicians have done for years; pulling the wool over your eyes. They are seeking to secure votes so that they can give themselves a healthy wage, whilst promoting their friends and families into positions of power at the expense of the British tax payer. If people are dumb enough to put these people into power, I will have lost all faith in the United Kingdom.

At this stage we need to abolish the bedroom tax and get people less reliant on food banks, both which are effects of a conservative government and how it treats the hardest working people of the country it runs. BritainFirst, UKIP & the Conservatives are not going to abolish any of those things. We live in a multi-cultural nation that has been forged by differing cultures and our interactions with them.

Don’t be stupid with your vote.