Tomorrow, a vote is a vote, but worth so much more…

Tomorrow we go to the polls, to vote for the next leader of our country.  For some it is a standard affair, one that has been repeated for most of their lives, for others its a start, something they may have never really done, nor bothered too.  For some it is more important than it is for others.  Some won’t really care about the next step in our countries evolution, some won’t be bothered about where, and what state, our country will be in for the next election.  Others however, have suffered, some harshly, others not so.  Some have been scarred by the current Prime Ministers lack of focus on the majority populace, choosing to work for the elite, the cream of society, those who look down on the common man as nothing more than a worker, or plebeian.  Personally I do look down on society, but not for reasons of superiority, but more disappointment.  We choose this leader, we picked him to lead us and move our country forward.  Based on a set of lies and deceit, we are convinced, daily, that it was Labour who ruined our country, Labour who caused the crash, and Labour that plunged our country into disarray.  Many forget it was Labour who created the foundation that the Tories built upon, Labour who formed the foundation that allowed them to leap frog into their current “Golden Age”.  All Labours foundation, all Labours work; the winners look like the Tories, thanks to that hard work.

Tomorrow marks a day where you can make a huge difference.  The Tories have ruined this country, not for everyone, but for the majority, the working man and woman.  I am not one to say to someone “Don’t vote for them”, that isn’t democratic, nor is it fair.  I am one, however, to point out facts, figures, and yes over exaggerate my opinion (it always sounds 400% worse than I say it is; sorry).  You may think that your “Demonstration” vote of the Greens, or Liberal Democrats will send a CLEAR message to the Conservatives; alas it will, but not how you think.  A vote for any one else, other than a major party is, almost, a wasted vote.  If you vote for the any other party, you remove the chance of the Conservatives being pipped at the post.  Thanks to our outstanding method of voting (sarcasm), if the Tories win the majority, it is THEM that pick the Coalition, no one else.  So voting for Greens, Liberal Democrats or UKIP as a protest vote is INDEED a wasted vote.  It merely allows the Conservatives another term in office, another term to suck the country dry, another term to kill the weakest, and least protected of society.

Tomorrow I urge you to vote Labour.  They are not perfect, they are not going to change the country overnight.  Labour will change, for the long term, the country for the better, just like they set out to do during their last term in office.  I didn’t see Labour cutting benefits until people killed themselves, I didn’t see Labour sitting silent as more and more people relied on food banks.  Labour set the ground work for a great country, a country that, today, has climbed out of a black hole.  It would have been a smoother ride for all, had they managed to get a second term.  Alas thanks to tasty propaganda and lies, the Tories stepped in and have claimed the hard work for themselves.

So tomorrow, please, vote.  Vote for whoever you want, but please remember that when you put your mark down, you are directly having an impact on peoples lives.  Remember that under the Tories people have died, not due to negligence, through ignorance.  Don’t allow that to happen any more.  Let us make our country a great one, let us create a country that is strong, proud and loves its populace.

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I saw a lady, sat on a rock, on my walk home from work.  She had a sticker book hanging from her hand whilst she held a bag of chips, stuffing them into her face with her spare hand.  She looked at me and I smiled, she smiled back. She was a lady with learning difficulties, but I didn’t know that looking at her, she’s just another human.

The old man who smiles and wishes you good morning in his hushed, nervous way.  Body language attempting to convey weakness,whilst avoiding eye contact in preparation for the offensive language he may get in return.  When I smile at him and return the greeting, his eyes light up, happy to have had that brief human contact.  Alone, and sad, day & night the mere conversation may be enough to make his day.

The mother with the pram walking along a road crowded with teenagers drinking and shouting, as I walk towards her I give a reassuring nod and a smile. She smiles back, happy because she knows that in that moment, I am there to help if she needs it.

The dog tied up, franticly barking for help and attention, scared of people walking around her.  I walk up and let her sniff my hand, offering a stroke behind her little ear.  Calming her slightly and tell her she’ll be al-right, even though she’s cold and left by her owner, shopping inside.  A smile at the dog, and although the dog can’t smile, the licking of my palm is enough to prove that she’s calmer for my intervention.

The man who sits in the floor, covered in several layers of bedding.  Homeless, alone, I always talk  to him, ask him if he is hungry.  He tells me “I have some food thanks mate, just freezing cold.”, so I gave him a pair of gloves and a scarf and told him that if he needs anything to let me know when I pass.  Every time I am on a late I speak with him, every time he smiles at me.

The problem is with humanity is that we have, truly, forgotten how to be human beings to one another.  Instead our emotions are digital, threatening, distant or no existent.  We hide behind computers or other humans, always offering excuses as to why we act immature and unhelpful.  Often we are greedy whilst someone nearby suffers without, yet this isn’t a trend that we’ve suffered from for years, this is recent.  When I was young my parents would help anyone, and at least half of the street I lived on would do the same.  This change is recent and its alarming, alarming because I want to bring children into this world.  I will, of course, be educating my children to be exactly the same as me: Human.  All life is sacred and every living thing should be treated with the love and respect that you want to be treated with.
Granted I wait for the response of “…but you eat pigs…” or “…you have been violent in the past…”.  I don’t pretend to be someone who hasn’t been that inhuman animal that has treated others with the disrespect that comes with being subhuman.  I have eaten animals and still do, often deciding to not question where, or how, the animal I am eating died.  However I’d not ignore a homeless person, I wouldn’t abandon someone getting assaulted in the street.  I’d stand with them, protecting the weak and the innocent, because its how I have been brought up.  Since my father passed away, I can honestly say, I’ve changed.  Its taken time, but I see life as something that’s worth, worth its weight in gold.  I don’t spend as much time as I’d like, with the people I love spending my time with, doing the things I enjoy.  What can I say;  I.  Am.  Human.